The Dark Lady is an original, modern adaptation of the works of Shakespeare. A carefully constructed medley of Shakespeare's sonnets and plays, The Dark Lady tells the story of a young Will, torn between his good and fair love, and his mistress the dark lady. Descending into madness Will has to make a decision over which lover he is to choose. Combining verse, dance, poetry & live music The Dark Lady delves into the world of madness, desire, lust, love & murder. 

Datura were given an opportunity to be a part of Action to the Word’s Catford-Upon-Avon festival celebrating to life and works of William Shakespeare in March 2016. The piece was created, cast, rehearsed and perfected in four weeks, jumping between York and Manchester.

 On March the 15th we crammed ourselves onto a Megabus and headed to London. 24 hours later we crammed ourselves back onto the Megabus and returned to Manchester, taking London (we are certain…) by storm, vowing to return (maybe on a train).


Produced by Kate Burke 

Directed by Tom Leatherbarrow & Sean Richards 

Written by William Shakespeare & Datura



Will - Ted Sager 

Fair Lady - Yoshika Colwell

Dark Lady - Sophie Bestwick

© Datura Productions 2016