Every full moon two teenage girls meet in a forest clearing to experiment with the occult. But as they delve deeper into the spirit world, they learn that the forest holds secrets that they were never prepared for. Exploring witchcraft, friendship, sisterhood and dead mice, Obsidian is a dark comedy by Kate Burke.

Obsidian was the first original Datura show, which ran as a short northern tour, notable venues being The Kings Arms, Salford and The Fleeting Arms, York.  It was rehearsed in a flat in Manchester, where the group spent equal amounts rehearsing, drinking wine and watching Lord of the Rings.

Obsidian is the kind of play one sees where a few days later you start to wonder whether that evening was quite real. It is completely removed from day to day life or reality and yet passionately explores the fundamental questions of humanity, not just intellectually, but emotionally as well. You are beset with charming scenes, direct questions, long poetic monologues, so that if you don’t quite follow the meaning of everything, you will still have a gut response that opens personal questions within you. Obsidian begins to achieve what few plays do: creating meaning and emotion through more than dialogue.
— Unknown Magazine


Written and Produced by Kate Burke 

Directed by Tom Leatherbarrow & Sean Richards


Constance - Kate Burke 

Bird - Nicola Stringfellow 

Embers - Sean Richards



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