The brainchild of resident writer Kate Burke, Moonshine was conceived shortly after Obsidian. The company charged Kate with a task, to find something “worse than death”, as we had noticed a trend developing in our shows of violent, bloody endings.

What followed was a fast paced dark comedy about a woman named Meredith who enters an enchanted forest with her fiancé to search for her childhood best friend who was abducted seventeen years before. However, as they delve deeper into the forest, they discover far darker secrets than they imagined. 

With verse, faeries & the original version of 'Dancing in the Moonlight', Moonshine was performed in Nexus Art Café in Manchester in July 2016. It was a sell-out show and nobody died. 

Produced by Tom Leatherbarrow

Written & Directed by Kate Burke


Meredith - Rachael Dennis 

Bill - Sean Richards 

Prince - Gavin Shankland

Faeries - Miray Sidhom, Hannah Torbitt & Bryony Miller


© Datura Productions 2016