In the UK 1 in 4 people will experience problems with their mental health each year. Here at Datura this is a topic incredibly close to our hearts and we have decided to do something about it.

On the 10th October 2016 (World Mental Health Day) we announced that our season for the next year will be devoted to making film, theatre and art which explores mental health and the problems thousands of us face. We have several projects to share which we hope can help to relieve the stigma many individuals experience. We want to hear your stories and we want you to hear ours. We hope the programme we have in store can go some way to break down the barriers and directly help those who are suffering. We will also be working to raise awareness and funds for fantastic charities such as CALM.

1 in 4 - a fundraiser for calm

To launch our exciting programme of upcoming projects, we are hosting a fundraising event in aid of CALM— an evening of music, poetry and sharing at Nexus Art Cafe on the 15th December. 

All profits from the evening will be donated to CALM, a fantastic charity that exists to prevent male suicide in the UK.

As part of the evening, we are cultivating a collaborative art piece to be shared on the night, made up of people’s experiences, stories, artwork, thoughts, poems and ideas. We want to hear literally anything you have to say on the topic of mental health—it could be an original poem, an anecdote or even just a lyric or quote that means a lot to you. We are collecting these entries via a physical box in the beautiful Nexus Art Café and also in this optionally anonymous online form:

Completely optional, feel free to drop us an anonymous message, or tell us all about yourself.
We want to hear your stories and experiences and hope that by sharing ours we can create a much-needed dialogue in a journey that is often suffered in silence.


Furthermore, we are looking to add to our already amazing line up of musicians and poets to perform on the evening, so if you’re a Manchester-based artist please get in touch at

The event will also being exciting announcements for the future of the season that we are so excited to share with you. 

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