Disco Pigs by Enda Walsh and A Gaggle Of Saints by Neil LaBute were performed as a slightly unorthodox double bill of theatre in June 2016. The two plays were linked through their unstable male protagonists, the underlying subtext of latent violence erupting into physical acts, and the fact that we found actors from the actual places where the plays were set so their accents were really convincing. 

The show ran at the Fleeting Arms in York, a temporary arts space and community venue.  An audience member described Oli's American accent as "pretty good". Oli is from New York so... 


Produced by Lennard Maurice-Ortmann

Directed by Tom Leatherbarrow & Sean Richards

Written by Enda Walsh & Neil LaBute (respectively)



John - Oliver Henn 

Sue - Zoe Biles 

Pig - Ant Noonan 

Runt - Kate Burke 

© Datura Productions 2016