Anthony Burgess' classic dystopian work played in a small dark barn with uncomfortable seats, wood and spray paint on the walls, and rubbish all over the floor. This production featured brutal fight scenes, a lot of blood, graphic double-wall projections, lights held up with gaffer tape and Beethoven put to distorted techno. 

A Clockwork Orange was the birth of Datura. Tom decided he wanted to put on A Clockwork Orange. Sean was good at theatre. Kate fancied Sean and auditioned for the show. She wasn't right for the show, but Tom and Sean asked her to be producer. She drank a lot of wine and watched Tom teach cast members how to fight. 

The show sold out and received outstanding reviews from York publications. 

Photography by Sam Boullier 

It is impossible not to be amazed by Tom Leatherbarrow and Sean Richard’s striking production. An absolute triumph in terms of atmosphere and style, A Clockwork Orange pushed The Barn to its technical and creative limits, and succeeded in creating an incredibly different show to anything I have ever seen before [...]

Clockwork is a play that demands a strong physical presence and heightened sense of atmosphere, both of which were carried of with great aplomb. You may not enjoy the horror-show that is A Clockwork Orange, but I defy you not to appreciate the immense work that went into crafting such a visceral and emotionally draining experience. ****
— York Nouse

Produced by Kate Burke 

Directed by Tom Leatherbarrow & Sean Richards

Lighting Design by Sam Hunt

Original Score by Kitt Munro 



Alex - Jason Ryall

Georgi/The Comedian - Elvie Broom

Dim/Doctor - Ted Sager

Pete/ The Governor -  Kwame Boateng

Chaplain/Billy Boy - Joseph Cullen

Gang/Policeman/The Doctor/Chorus/Dolin/Len - Sam Hill

Gang/Policeman/Big Jew/Chorus/Rubenstein/Bully - James Esler

Mr. Deltoid - Matt Carroll 

Alexander F/Warder/Lodger Joe - Stewart Crank

Wife/Minister - Saffia Sage

Dr Branom/Old Lady/ Mother - Anna Mawn

Dr Brodsky/Nurse/Girl Singing/Marty - Zoe Biles


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